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Journal of a Mom May 24, 2009

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cruz is blonde because… April 8, 2009

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jessica03Just wanted to post a few of these pictures I found of myself as a little kid. Now people can stop wondering where Cruz got his blonde hair! Yes, I was blonde probably until almost Jr. High.


I mean REALLY blonde. Like, I had no hair for the first couple years. 


My mom had to glue bows to my head. It’s ok. I can own it!


It’s funny because I wonder if our future children will have dark hair like their dad? It is so cool to see who your kids look like and what jessica02characteristics they take on. I never would have thought that Cruz would look so much like Jay, but have my complexion. I thought for sure he’d have a full head of dark hair. I know it caught most people by surprise! 


But I am so grateful for Cruz (of course!) and it makes sense to me now that he’s here that he’s blonde because that is exactly what I looked like for a long time! 










Ok… I had to post one of Jay too- just for fun! 🙂 Gosh he’s stinkin cute!



arms high, heart abandoned April 4, 2009

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7-months-pregnant-11I love this song. If you haven’t heard it, it’s called The Stand. It’s by Hillsong United. 


During the time that I was pregnant with Cruz, we sang this song around the church a lot. Maybe we still sing it the same amount, but I noticed it more for some reason. 


The chorus goes like this:


So I’ll stand

With arms high and heart abandoned

In awe

Of the One who made it all

I’ll stand

My soul Lord to you surrenderred

All I am is yours.


This chorus hits me hard, every time I hear it. It hit me a lot when I was pregnant. Here I am, with this little life living inside of me, whom I don’t even know. I didn’t know what he would look like, be like, act like, think like. I didn’t know what his dreams will be, what he’s good at, what he likes, dislikes- I still don’t really know those things. 


But I found myself wanting one thing for him and his life here on this earth. And that is everything that is in that chorus. Arms high, heart abandoned- to the One who made it all. 


There is absolutely nothing better than the thought of my child- and future children- to fall madly in love with Jesus and to follow him all the days of his life. What’s scary to me is that Jason and I could do everything right- teach him everything we know, discipline him the best way we know how, and still- he might not find Jesus. Not in the way that song describes it. 


How that terrifies me. 


So my deep, deep prayer ever since the reality of my pregnancy set in, is that Cruz would fall in love with Jesus. That he would stand, soul surrendered to Him all the days of his life.


This song will always remind me of Cruz. It will always be my prayer for him. It will always be my deepest hope for his life. It encourages me to live this way in my own life- to lead by example. And to be on my knees praying for this little guy all the days of his life.


sexy boots April 1, 2009

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U2 is my favorite band. Ever. There is absolutely no band that compares. 


Right now I am really into their new song “Get on Your Boots”. It’s in my car and it just keeps repeating itself (on purpose). I love it and I can’t get enough of it. Their whole new album is just amazing although, ‘How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’ is still my favorite. I saw them in concert on their last tour and I was literally an arms length away from Bono, The Edge, Larry, and Adam. I was the girl in the front row that was passing out when they came out on stage. 


No. I actually was the girl passing out  in the front row when they came out onto stage. 


There was nothing I could do about it. I felt a rush of emotion well up inside me when they came out and I just started screaming and shaking. I had to lean on Jason to stand up straight for the whole first song. 


I’m not even joking. 


I was the girl passing out in the front row. And it was totally beyond my control. hahaha It still makes me laugh. I always used to make fun of those girls. It happened to me one other time when I saw Justin Timberlake in concert, but it wasn’t nearly the same experience.


Something about U2’s music is super inspiring to me. It gets me thinking creatively and it just makes me really, really, genuinely happy. 


I’m not really sure why I’m posting this. I’ve just been thinking about them a lot, listening to them a lot, and praying that they will release tour dates soon. 


Well, they did! 


They are coming to concert here in October and I can guarantee you this- I will be there- probably passing out in the front row!


humor me… i can’t get enough of him! March 30, 2009

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I thought I’d post a couple updated pictures that I took of my little man Cruz. I am simply obsessed with this kid and easily have way more pictures than I know what to even do with! He keeps me on my toes for sure… And at almost 5 months, he’s already trying to get up on his hands and knees! I’m not sure that I’m ready for him to be mobile just quite yet!! It’s amazing how fast it truly does go… So I’m trying to capture every moment that I can. Enjoy these few pictures and thanks for humoring me!





This is Cruz’s first time in the pool! This was a couple weekends ago at my mom’s house. We spent the afternoon there and while it was a little chilly just yet, we were able to put him in for a few minutes! He loved kicking around in the water. 










This picture was taken that same day shortly after we got out of the pool and dried off. Grammy is holding him while we were outside. It was such a great day. I love those cheeks!! 










We gave him cereal for the first time right around when he turned 4 months old. As you can see, he made an absolute mess! But overall he liked it! He doesn’t eat it everyday just yet, but we practice with it as he’s still getting the hang of it!









I can’t believe he’s already using his little legs to “stand” on his own! Well, not quite on his own (not even close actually lol) but he likes to jump in this little jumper that we set up for him over the weekend. Too cute!! 










He’s been sleeping like this a lot lately, so I had to snap some pics of it! He loves to sleep on his knees! He’ll sleep like this for hours… I had to keep from laughing when I shot this. 









Cruz loves his daddy. And Jason is the best daddy ever. I knew he’d be a great daddy when I married him, but he has far exceeded my wildest dreams with the kind of father he is. This was taken this past weekend. Jay’s been making it a habit to read Cruz a bedtime story each night before we put him down. I was being slightly distracting, but I love this picture! 


I love my boys. And I love being mom. It’s such a crazy adventure that is much harder than I ever thought, but so much more worth it than I ever thought too.


new career? March 27, 2009

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I feel weird in saying that ‘I’m starting a new career’. I’m in my late twenties and not being one to just throw all caution to the wind, it feels like a pretty bold statement- ‘I’m starting a new career.’ 






In this season of my life, God has brought me to a place where He is setting me up for something big. Maybe not big for the world, the nations, the universe (well, I can hope it will go that way!). But big for me. 


 I have been through a lot of emotional struggle these past few months- after the birth of my son. Not because he has arrived, and my life has been changed completely. But because I have struggled, already, with finding worth in my life and not just being ‘mom’.


I didn’t quit my day job to just be a ‘stay-at-home-mom’. Not that there is anything wrong with that! It is the hardest job ever and I have come to appreciate that so much more. But I never thought I would just stay home with my kids and not be working in some way. I want to be a working mom. Just not badly enough to put my kids in daycare… Again, not judging- it’s just not a decision we want to make. 


So, I have struggled with feeling hurt. Feeling like I am forever just going to be a stay-at-home-mom and not fulfill any of my own dreams for my life. And while I have spent this time being confused in my head I have failed to realize that God is setting me up to do just what I have always wanted. 


I get to be ‘mom’ and I get to work. It’s glorious. 


It always amazes me that He knows the desires of my heart. Why does this amaze me? It should be something that I should know so well about my Creator. But I am human and when life takes it’s twists and turns, often I wonder what God is doing in my life. Hindsight is amazing in that, once you are through it- or in my situation- once I stopped sulking long enough to actually see what God is doing- I am reminded that He is taking care of me… Taking so much care of me that He is actually allowing me to follow my heart and a dream of mine. 


Right now I am a Pampered Chef consultant and it’s awesome. Trudy, my recruiter and mentor in this, has really shown me that I can stay home and work full time. And that it works. God is faithful and has been to us, even though it has been hard. And while I do not plan to stop selling Pampered Chef, the creative side of me still is nagging at my heart.


So I am listening. 


I am at the very, very beginnings of becoming a photographer. It’s exciting, scary, overwhelming and amazing. I feel little voices of doubt, but the voices of excitement and encouragement are bigger. I have always, always loved photography. It’s really always been a hobby that is super intimidating to me. There has always been and something within me has always held me back and kept me from going for it. 


Not anymore. 


So I am on the path to making this dream of mine a reality. All of our married life, I have documented every step we have taken. Every major event, holiday, birthday, new pet, concert etc. I love documenting things that are important to me. There is nothing more precious to me that the over 4,000 pictures I have that I have taken since we got married. Some of them are candid. Others are more artistic. Needless to say, I would love nothing more than to do this for others. 


Like I said, I am at the very, very beginning stages of reaching any of my goals. I am just emerging as a photographer and I need to find myself in that a little bit. I expect this to be a long process.


But be encouraged. It’s never to late to start doing something that you love. And it’s never ok to listen to what the world is saying you ‘should’ be. I want to work, be a mom, and not sacrifice my time with my kids. 


So I’m doing just that! playing-at-ggs


the rhythm March 26, 2009

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Tonight I will be leading worship at The Rhythm- joining my husband Jason Williams. 


There is something truly amazing that comes from leading with your other half. I used to sing with him a lot more than I do now, so I am truly stoked for tonight.


Cornerstone Christian Fellowship is the church we attend and my husband works there. The Rhythm is a ministry for ‘post college age’ singles- I know, I know- I’m not single. But Jason and I have a real heart for leading worship and love what this ministry is all about. 


Anyways. That’s where I’ll be.